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Our latest newsletter features an in-depth discourse on succession. In my youth, I shied away from my family's legacy as it sometimes made me feel uncomfortable or unworthy.  Over time, I grew to appreciate the significance of what my family had built, and the importance placed on me and my siblings to be responsible beneficiaries. We get an ownership manual when we buy a car, but few beneficiaries ever understand the mechanics of their trust, the complex relationship between a beneficiary and a trustee, the power of their trust assets compounding over time, and the rules or dispositive provisions for how their trust is to be used.

Successful successions are what keep family enterprises thriving for generations to come. As in our in-house podcast with Octavian Pilati, succession does not always come during convenient times and preparedness is key. You will also find additional resources on succession that we found especially informative. As a bonus, do not miss our Wealth IQ quiz below to test your knowledge!

Featured Resource

Podcast: Managing Succession In Crisis

In this episode of the Tamarind Learning podcast, host Kirby Rosplock, PhD introduces special guest, Octavian Pilati, an Austrian entrepreneur with a rich family history. They discuss how he dealt with a crisis in the family business from 2015 to 2018. He also shares his experiences and knowledge about family business, family dynamics, crisis, fraud, and a lot more. Tune in to get the scoop!


Successful Succession


Most UHNW NextGen Say They're Ready For Succession - Study

While 85% of ultra-high-net-worth NextGens believe they are ready to assume control of family firms, only 39% of family offices believe they are prepared. 

This study conducted by BNY Mellon Wealth Management and Campden Wealth explores Millennial and Generation X individuals' perspectives on taking over family businesses and their preferred roles in such enterprises. Read on to get the full story!



NextGens Stepping Up as "NowGens" in Family Businesses

Succession planning in family businesses is a complex and emotional process that requires long-term commitment. Many family businesses are reactive, which can hinder the success of the next generation of leaders. 

To ensure a smooth transition, NextGens must take on leadership responsibility and behave like leaders rather than subordinates. Seeking mentorship, embracing change, and fostering open communication are crucial for successful family business succession planning. To learn more, check out the article.


Design Thinking Process in Succession

In this podcast episode, Feisal Alibhai, Octavian Pilati and Dominik v. Eynern discuss the importance of putting the human at the center of succession planning. Both are from prominent families and have personal insights on the inner workings of wealth and family business. They discuss the importance of allowing families to consider every member’s needs, wishes and beliefs first. Listen to the episode to get their full perspectives!


Best Practices of Logan Roy: How to Build Family Conflict to Sustain a Family Business

Drawing inspiration from the TV show "Succession", this article discusses how family conflict can be used to sustain a family business. It suggests that fostering an atmosphere of intense competition among family members and maintaining secrecy are key in perpetuating conflict. It also warns that such practices can have disastrous consequences for both the family and the business in real life. You do not want to miss this interesting take!

Recent Webinar

Keeping the Family in the Family Office: Lessons Learned

Check out this recent session on 'Keeping the Family in the Family Office: Lessons Learned' with our founder and CLO Kirby Rosplock, PhD and a panel of wealth experts. You can also download the white-paper that inspired this conversation.

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The Family Wealth Report Awards 2023 - Acclaim

Kirby Rosplock, PhD, is pushing the boundaries of management consulting as the family office evolves, adapts, and forces families to keep pace. The Great Wealth Transfer is here, and it will require collaborative relationships, breakthrough technologies, and fresh, modern approaches. Read about how Tamarind Learning is a catalyst for continued improvement and growth in a special edition of Family Wealth Report.

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